Alternative to Situps - Do Crunches Instead for Strong Abs

10 Alternatives to Crunches

Are you tired of doing a countless number of crunches or sit ups without seeing a difference in your abs? Crunches and sit-ups were once seen as the way to a slimmer waistline and 6-pack abs. The US military still requires soldiers to do a set number of sit-ups in order to graduate basic training.

However, the military and millions of people are still stuck in the dark ages. Crunches and sit-ups are just not that good for you. Both exercises, especially sit-ups, require you to push your curved spin against the floor and work primarily your hip flexors, the long muscle that runs from your thighs through your groin to the lumbar vertebrae in your lower back. Most people have super tight hip flexors due to desk jobs. When you work your hip flexors it can create lower back discomfort.

woman doing a crunch

Crunches and sit-ups are designed to only work a few muscles groups. Both exercises primarily target the rectus abdominis muscles and to less degree, the obliques and hip flexors. But, your core is much more than those few muscle groups.

Your core is like a box. It starts from the pelvic floor and moves up to the diaphragm. All those muscles in between, like the transverse ab, internal and external obliques, and erector spinae muscles, make up your core.

A strong core improves your balance and stability, tones your abs, and helps prevent injuries. So it’s time to skip all those crunches and sit-ups in favor of these alternatives to crunches that will give you a 6-pack without breaking your back.

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