30 Day Pushup Challenge - Full Workout Included for Women

30 Day Push Up Exercise Challenge – Best Push Up Workout for Women – Strong Shoulders

30 Day Push Up Exercise Challenge - Best Push Up Workout For Women - Strong Shoulders

Push ups are the one exercise that strikes fear into the hearts of women.

Some women won’t even attempt a single push up, stating simply that their upper bodies are “too weak.”

Maybe it’s because we were taught as children that we were supposed to do “girly” push ups from our knees while the stronger boys did “regular” push ups.

It’s true, push ups are hard, but that’s what makes them so great. So whatever excuse you’re using to avoid trying them – drop it! Anyone can do push ups, you just need a push up workout plan to get you going in the right direction.

Ready to Go?

Push ups are the ideal bodyweight exercise that can be done anytime, anywhere. Adding them to your routine will make you stronger and more sculpted. Push ups tone not just your chest muscles, but also your shoulders, triceps, and abs.

This is a beginner-friendly challenge designed to take you from 0 to 20 push ups in just 4 weeks. Rather than simply having you do push ups every day (easier said than done), you’ll follow a push up workout plan that includes a progression of exercises that will have you busting out push ups with confidence.

The workouts in the 30 day push up challenge are short, but they’re designed to produce results fast. You should see and feel the results of a stronger, more sculpted upper body in just a few weeks — touting a 30 day pushup challenge before and after that you just can’t help but post……#pushupchallenge

The 4-week challenge is 100% bodyweight exercises, so you can easily do the whole program at home or at your regular gym.

If you want to scratch push ups off your badass bucket list, get started on the 30 day push up challenge today!

Just keep reading to learn all about the exercises, get the full 30 days of workouts, and then you can share your push up challenge results with us!

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