30 Day Plyometrics Challenge - Best Fast Twitch Workout for Women - Explosive Training

30 Day Plyometrics Challenge – Best Fast Twitch Workout for Women – Explosive Training

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Ready to Go?

So you want to slim down. But you also want to build muscle. But you don’t want to get too big or bulky. Well get excited because there is a way! This quick, 30 day plyometric exercise challenge is perfect for you. Without taking a big chunk of time out of your day, you will be able to accomplish all of those fitness goals and feel pretty awesome while you’re doing it.

What are Plyos?

You may be asking, “what exactly are Plyometrics?” Great question. Previously known as “jump training,” plyometric exercises focus on exerting maximum force in short bursts of movement. This means, you will be going hard for a short amount of time, rather than doing slow and steady exercises – which there is nothing wrong with, and they have their own benefits, but for this challenge we are going quick and hard. Athletes use this type of exercise training to increase their power and speed, but it has made its way into the gym setting, and even the home, because of its great benefits.

You will be doing multiple plyometric exercises throughout this challenge. Here are the ones you’ll see and how to do them. (There are many more plyometric exercises, but for the ability to do this challenge at home, the ones chosen do not use any equipment).

Squat Jump

Perform the down motion of a squat, and instead of just standing up, jump up. As you come down from the squat, make sure you do not lock your knees. Instead slowly bend your knees back into the squatting position.

Mountain Climbers

mountain climbers

Beginning in a straight arm plank position, alternate driving your knee to your chest. Start slow to get the movement down, and work your way up to a running speed.


I know, I know, push-ups aren’t the favorite, but you can always do “knee” push-ups as you build your upper body strength.

Jump Lunges

Do a lunge with your right leg in front. As you jump out of it, alternate to a lunge with your left leg in front

Jumping Jack Plank

Beginning in a straight arm plank position, move both feet apart and then back together, like you would when doing a jumping jack.

High Skip

Remember how much fun skipping was as a little kid? Keep that in mind as you skip for height, reaching up to the sky with each skip.



Don’t be scared, burpees are tough but very doable. The sequence of a burpee goes like this: stand, squat (hands to ground) bounce legs out behind you (straight arm plank position), do a push-up, bounce legs back to the squatting position, stand up, and jump.

High Knees

Like you’re running in place while getting your knees up to your chest.

Ice Skater

Pretend you’re a speed skater, switching side to side with a slight jump and kicking your inside leg behind you.

Frog Jump

Remember leap frog? Then you’ve got the idea. Get your butt to the floor, and come up jumping high and far.

Straight Arm Plank

Straight arms, flat back, tummy tight, supported by the balls of your feet. Don’t forget to breathe!

Jumping Jacks

Stand with your feet together and hands by your side. Jump, spreading your legs apart and swinging your arms high, so your limbs make an X shape, then jump back to the starting position.

Getting excited? Good! Next find out what makes these exercises so great.

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