Best Love Handle Workouts - 30 Day No Muffin Top Challenge

30 Day No Muffin Top Exercise Challenge – Best Love Handles Workout For Women -Sexy Sides

Love Handle Workouts to Sculpt Perfect Obliques

You’ve probably heard the bad news that there’s no such thing as spot reducing. You can lose fat, but you can’t pick and choose where the fat comes from.

So what’s the best approach for getting rid of that pesky muffin top?

A good diet, plenty of fat-burning cardio, and muffin top exercises that strengthen your abs and core.

The No Muffin Top Diet

How to Lose Muffin Top

If you have fat on your sides to lose, reducing calories will be your best bet. One simple way to do that (without counting calories) is to cut back on sugar, liquid calories, and simple carbohydrates.

Replace those junk foods with healthier choices like green vegetables, lean protein, and healthy fats, and you’ll start to see and feel a difference in your body.

You don’t have to starve to lose your love handles. Don’t try to fill up on weird “diet” food like sugar-free pudding or low-fat cheese. Instead, heap your plate full of nutrient-rich, filling foods and you can lose your stomach fat without suffering.

Not sure what to eat?

When in doubt, pair something high in fiber (fruits, vegetables, minimally processed grains, beans) with a healthy source of protein (fish, chicken, eggs) to feel full longer.

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