Best Back Workouts for Women - Start the 30 Day Challenge!

30 Day Back Challenge – Best Back Workout for Women – Perfect Posture

30 Day Back Challenge - Best Back Workout for Women - Perfect Posture

“Sit up straight!”

Ok, maybe our grandmothers were onto something. But perfect posture is about far more than how you sit at your desk or carry yourself throughout the day. In fact, it’s excess sitting that’s making our posture worse than ever!

Not only do most of us sit hunched over our keyboards all day, but then we come home and hunch over our phones. The end result? Rounded shoulders, aching backs, headaches, and other injuries. So is there a way to counteract this hunched lifestyle without quitting your day job?


Strengthening your back is one of the most important things you can do to improve your posture.

Ready to Go?

A strong back will help you open up your chest, sit and stand taller, and carry yourself with more confidence.

Oh, and a strong back looks pretty great in a strappy tank, too!

The 30 day back challenge consists of quick, good back workouts — well, actually we think they’re the best back workouts — for women that are going to strengthen your back and improve your posture.

We’ll give you the full list of exercises and complete workouts, plus you’ll learn why each of these simple back workouts is important for achieving perfect posture. By the time you’ve completed the 4-week challenge, you’ll be looking and feeling your best!

So do it for your health or do it for that new strapless dress. Click the button below and get ready for the ultimate 30 day back challenge!


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